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About S&F Excavating & Construction

S & F Excavating & Construction

S&F Excavating & Construction is a family run excavating and construction business located in Amery, WI.  We pride ourselves on offering services from the ground up - meaning we can prep your site, as well as, finish it with all construction related tasks.  From residential to commercial clients, we tackle each job with individualized attention to ensure you get the quality and service you deserve.


S&F Team

Scott Lee is the owner of S&F Excavating & Construction.  Prior to starting his own company, Scott spent years working for the City of Amery as well as for an excavating company.  He has a broad range of skills and creative ideas to tackle any job.  When he's not out bidding jobs or completing them, you'll find him enjoying weekends at his cabin, hunting, or spending time with his family and friends.

Mitch Lee is the right hand man for S&F Excavating and Construction and is the oldest son of Scott.  Mitch has many years of experience with welding prior to joining S&F full time.  Much like Scott, Mitch has a broad range of skills and you'll find him doing a little bit of everything fro this two man crew.  Outside of work, you'll find him enjoying his time outdoors either fishing, hunting, or hanging out with his family and firends.

Belle Lee is the daughter of Scott.  Employed as a vet tech by day, you'll often find her at a construction site after hours helping clean up or bringing a treat or two for the crew.  Outside of time spent with S&F, you'll see Belle spending time with her animals from horses to dogs to cats to her raccoon rescue.  If you're looking for nail trimming for your pets, this is your gal!

Corey Lee is Scott's youngest son.  Employed full time with an excavating company, you'll find Corey lending a hand on bigger excavating jobs on nights and weekends.  Outside of time spent at S&F, Corey enjoys riding his motorcycle, hunting, and spending time with family and friends.

From residential to commercial clients, we tackle each job with individualized attention to ensure the quality and service our clients deserve.


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